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Creating Beautiful Smiles & Increased Self-Esteem

Creating Beautiful Smiles & Increased Self-Esteem

Creating Beautiful Smiles & Increased Self-Esteem

Choose an Orthodontist for Your Smile

When you or your child need braces, where will you go? You may have noticed that many dentists are providing orthodontic treatments. Dentists are educated in treating oral health, including your teeth and gums. Orthodontists are specialists with additional years of training beyond dental school. They focus on moving teeth and aligning jaws. For the best results, choose an orthodontist who has specialized training in orthodontic care by calling Patritto Orthodontics in Ottumwa and Oskaloosa, IA today!

Why Choose an Orthodontist?

  • Orthodontists are dentists first
  • They take 2-3 years of additional training to specialize in orthodontics
  • Permanent teeth come in about age 7 and this is the recommended age to see an orthodontist
  • Braces may not begin immediately, but evaluation and treatment planning is important
  • Growth spurts in early teenage years yield fast orthodontic results
  • First, second or any opinions are free of charge
  • Call our Ottumwa or Oskaloosa, IA offices for an appointment today!

Straighter Teeth and Better Self-Esteem

Healthy, straight teeth are important for many reasons. If your child’s bite isn’t aligned properly, tooth decay, gum disease, earaches and headaches, biting, chewing, and speaking issues can occur. In addition, crooked or crowded teeth can affect self-esteem, making them feel uncomfortable around their peers. Rather than putting your kids in uncomfortable situations and at risk for oral health issues, bring them to Patritto Orthodontics in either our Ottumwa or Oskaloosa, IA location.

Client Testimonials
"I would recommend Patritto Orthodontics to everyone!! I went there when I was younger and since then, my nephew, son, daughter and even my mom has went there. Dr. Patritto is a perfectionist and wants to make your smile as perfect as it can be and I definitely appreciate that! My mom was told for years that she couldn’t have her teeth straightened, but Dr. Patritto thought it could be done. So at 66 years old my mom got braces, and less than 2 years later, she couldn’t be more thrilled to have a beautiful smile. Thank you!!!!!"
Brenda W
"Patritto Orthodontics has completely changed my children's lives for the better. The staff is very courteous and efficient. I am very impressed and highly recommend!"
Ann W
"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Patritto and his team! Dr. Patritto has made beautiful smiles for both of my daughters! Thank you!"
Kristi D
"Thank you Dr. Patritto for my beautiful smile. You and your staff rock! I would recommend you guys to anyone."
Ali C
"They do great work. All of them are extremely knowledgable and are very pleasant, caring people. If you are looking for a place who will give you quality care, look no further."
Brandie S
"I would highly recommend this Orthodontist. He is knowable and yet caring. His staff is helpful and Pleasant. you get nothing but quality care."
Michelle L
"I would definitely recommend Patritto Orthodontics very friendly bunch... Appointments are usually quick. So glad I choose Patritto for my daughter's braces!"
Melissa B

Call our Ottumwa 641.682.8143 or Oskaloosa 641.673.4120  office for an appointment today!

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