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We Care About Your Smile

We Care About Your Smile

Orthodontic Services

Early Orthodontic Treatment

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, a child’s first orthodontic visit should be no later than age 7. The visit may indicate that your child’s bite has no problems, or needs monitoring for later treatment, but in some cases, Dr. Patritto may suggest early treatment.

Early treatment may be used to:

  • Achieve results during jaw growth
  • Guide jaw growth to create facial symmetry or correct bite
  • Guide the position of permanent teeth
  • Provide more room for erupting teeth
  • Reduce overall treatment time
  • And more

Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment

By 12 years of age, most of a child’s permanent teeth have erupted and are in place. This is why the most common time for orthodontic treatment is ages 11-15.

Age 11-15 is optimal because:

  • Children at this age are more comfortable with braces because their friends are wearing them
  • Their rapid growth and high metabolisms shorten the length of treatment
  • They experience less discomfort because of high metabolism
  • When they are older, their teeth will be straight and they will have higher self-esteem

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

You’re never too old to straighten your teeth or want a beautiful smile. About 25% of orthodontic patients are adults! Traditional metal braces, clear ceramic, or Invisalign® are all options you can discuss with Dr. Patritto.  Contact our Ottumwa or Oskaloosa, IA office to schedule a FREE consultation today.

Types of Braces

At Patritto Orthodontics, we offer three main types of braces:

  • Metal braces: traditional small, stainless steel brackets
  • Clear ceramic braces: more natural-looking, translucent braces
  • Clear aligners: Invisalign® are removable and virtually invisible!

Invisalign® & Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® are used for patients who prefer the most invisible orthodontic treatment option. Invisalign® systems use custom aligners, created by computer-generated images, to straighten smiles. They are designed to be replaced about every two weeks to gently guide teeth into the proper positions.

Invisalign® is most frequently used to correct:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped and spaced teeth
  • Bite problems

During your consultation, ask Dr. Patritto if Invisalign® or Invisalign Teen® is an option for you.

Orthodontic Emergency

If you experience loose brackets or bands or have a broken or lost appliance, call our Ottumwa 641.682.8143 or Oskaloosa 641.673.4120 office right away for instructions. For discomfort or poking wires, use the directions provided to you and call us if you cannot resolve the issues.

Orthognathic Surgery

Some patients may require orthognathic surgery, along with orthodontics, to correct abnormalities in facial bones. If necessary, Dr. Patritto will refer patients and coordinate treatment with the oral surgeons to perform these procedures.


After orthodontic treatment is completed, retainers are used to maintain the alignment of the teeth. With proper use, they will prevent teeth from shifting.

Questions about orthodontic treatment? Call Ottumwa 641.682.8143 or Oskaloosa 641.673.4120.

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