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Orthodontists Are Braces Specialists

Orthodontists Are Braces Specialists

Dentist vs. Orthodontist for Braces

Orthodontists Are Specialists

Because some dentists provide braces or aligners, you may wonder if it’s necessary to go to an orthodontist. What you may not know is that orthodontists have completed dental school and more. They have chosen to take on another two to three years of post-graduate education and residency to become orthodontists, experts at diagnosing and treating misaligned teeth, irregular bite, and other problems related to abnormal tooth placement.

To illustrate this point, consider this example. You have an irregular heartbeat. Would you want your general doctor to treat you or would you seek diagnosis and treatment from a cardiologist? Similarly, for misaligned teeth and related issues, an orthodontist is a specialist who has additional education and training in treating your condition.

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Focused on Moving Teeth

Your dentist cares for your overall oral health. He or she makes sure your teeth are clean and checks your teeth and gums regularly. Your orthodontist contributes to your over oral and physical health by ensuring that your teeth and jaws are correctly aligned to prevent pain, inadequate nutrition, bone loss, bite problems, and esthetics.

If you need orthodontic services, choose a specialist who has undergone the additional training and education to provide the most comprehensive services. Contact Dr. Patritto for all of your orthodontic needs.

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